Creativity is a medium for healing to take place.

Davelyn Athena

Davelyn Athena

Davelyn AthenaDavelyn AthenaDavelyn Athena

Artist. Healer. Lyrist.


The beginning of healing.

Healing begins when we are able to tap into our energetic auras and chakras. Some energetic blockages present themselves with ailments within your body and negative thought patterns. Davelyn Athena has the tools to help you overcome these obstacles. 

Create your healing experience

Holistic Healing and Enlightenment

Oracle Reading


Using "Black Angel Cards" by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Davelyn uses guidance from spirit and ancestors to provide insightful revelation of where you are, what obstacles may be hindering you and the path you should take to guide you towards your desired destination. 

Reiki Cleansing


Utilizing universal qi and the laying of hands to align chakras as well as remove or cleanse energy blockages within the body, chakras, and auras to allow proper qi flow. 

Energy baths


Submerg yourself with crystals that have been cleansed and infused with positive intentions. Take a "bath" to relase toxic energy, cleanse and strengthen your aura, and gather positive energy to rejuvinate your chakras.

Spiritual Life Coach


 Spiritual Life coaching helps you find your purpose and processing life’s ups and downs.

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