Creativity is a medium for healing to take place.

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Chrystan Johnson

 "Davelyn is phenomenal!!!! I recommend all of her services. She listens and gave me the spiritual guidance i needed..."

Marlanda Dekine

 "Hospitable, kind, & humble. My experience led to clarity and a deeper trusting of my life's unfolding. I am very thankful. "

Loreno Teasley II

"Davelyn Athena! Gracious and caring, guided my inner workings so I can see myself in a new focus!! I love her and proud to serve beside her! "

Charmell Davis

"Davelyn is amazing! She is a great listener and gives great spiritual direction. I would highly recommend using her services if you are in search of any type of healing or are in need of spiritual guidance."

Cassandra Byrd

 "Davelyn is amazing! She is the best listener I know and a beautiful spirit. I highly recommend her for spiritual healing . . ." 

Max Lit

"Davelyn introduced me to Spiritual Movement and Reiki during a time when I was experiencing some real challenges with balancing my energy and harboring toxic relationships. Davelyn had offered services and suggested aura cleansing to me on a few occasions beforehand but I just wasn’t ready. She patiently waited until her and I both knew I was ready and when I allowed her to do her work, I immediately noticed things changing. I began to pay more attention to what my spirit and chakras were saying to me and continued to do the work necessary for me to find some balance and release the toxicity that I had entertained for far too long. I have encouraged many people that I know to just sit down and talk with Davelyn and those that have done so have benefited greatly. I encourage everyone who reads this to do the same. Trust me, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! "

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